The G Space

This case is working on the client's private office. Since the client operates the G-Shock watch trading , the overall space is inspired by the G-Shock watch box as the center, dividing into two live broadcast rooms, while designing a larger G-Shock watch box as the corridor of the main space. The business core of the client is taken as the main axis of the space design, which can be seen from the container¡¯s iron doors and the exposed pipelines that are integrated into the office space. Essentially, the containers and pipelines are used to visually emphasize the process of integrating the G-Shock concept into the space. On the other hand, the corridor is painted with bright orange, running through the office which gives the space a three-dimensional sense. The orange color visually points out the overall industrial atmosphere, and also creates a unique corporate identity for the client. The left side of the household is the manager's private office and entertainment space. Combined with the two-story attic design, the lower floor is the office area, whilst the upper floor is a simulated racing game area, where a product shooting scene is ingeniously created below the space. The right side of the household is the common space for employees and product warehouse. The client hopes to create an entertainment and leisure space suitable for employees to put aside their worries after getting off work, while not forgetting to create an office space that best suits the client.

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